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Electronic mail

How it works

All e-mails address to a user of the domain (therefore with the To: field such as  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) are sent to the dispatcher mailserver ( that in turn sends them (if not differently specified by user) to server that works as e-mails collector. 

You can access to your Inbox on server both from any node on the local newtork, and from any other node on external network, through IMAPS protocol. You can also access Inbox using any browser Web using httpsprotocol. 

IMAPS access.

 Yuo need to use an application to IMPAS access the server For example: Microsoft Outlook or Thunderbird.

First you need to configure such application in order to user IMAPS protocol, that is the encrypted version (through SSL) of IMAP protocol. IMAPS protocl uses 993 port instead of 143 port used by IMAP. You also need to set the IMAP server to connect, in this case and the server used to send e-mails: In order to access you need to use same credential for the incoming mail. The following table shows parameters needed:


Key Values Port Protocol
Username name.surname
Incoming mail server (IMAP) 993 SSL
Outgoing mail server (SMTP) 587 TLS


Following pictures show configurable panel of the application mentioned above:

Thunderbird configuration






Microsoft Outlook configuration


outlook_server outlook_advanced outlook outgoing



Webmail access


If you want to access your inbox on without configuring a client you can access using Webmail throught any browser Web. Connect to url: in order to connect securely (SSL encrypt) to Zimbra portal, that is a graphic user interface to IMAP server. Use your credential,  username (name.surname) and password to access:




Through webamil you can also easly check the disk usage on server

If you need any help or to report any problems related to e-mail service, open a ticket at this link.

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