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Additional info on e-mail service

SMTP is a standard communication protocol for elettronic mail transmissione, it's defined by a documet approved by standard commission, for more details you can refer to this URL

Service is offered thanks to the interaction of different agents:

  • Outgoing mail server: SMTP server that exchanges mails 
  • Incoming mail server: IMAP and POP server that grant users access to messages
  • Client, the application users run to exchange messages.

Typically users check their inbox through client accessing an incoming mail server and send messages to other users thanks to an outgoing mail server. 

We use a licensed software, paid with national funds, updated from the vendor, to manage spam, virus, phishing and all abuse related to e-mail.

Once a sent message is received by our mail server, it sends it to several mail server that will delivery message to the recipient.

As is this url,, SMPT protocol gives no guarantee on message delivery or delivery times thus protocol does not define a method to monitor the message passing through server. There's no way to monitor a server different from the one we manage.

We constantly mointor our servers and, in case problem, we work as soon as possibile to ensure that all messages collected in cache during a disruption are dispatched. Unfortunately we can't solve problem related to external servers. 

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